teef is a short film to help educate and entertain on the topic of dental hygiene. 
The film follows a young boy as he's shown the correct way to brush his teeth with help from a toothbrush and her trusty sidekick toothpaste. But he has to be careful not to upset his rotten old tooth!
All of the puppets were designed and hand-made to suit a children's tv aesthetic with bright and colourful fleece.


Donor Needed

A short film for Anthony Nolan, depicting the story of stem cells and the importance of finding donors. 
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A short animation created with a background by Charlie Nathan Neville as a response to a collaborative film project that aimed to combine the skill set of our university class.


So you've lost your hair...

An introduction and trio of shorts showing how to hide your bald head in resourceful ways.


True Crit

Gameplay footage of True Crit - A Fine Art Critical Assessment Simulator. 
Created with Clare Lewis and Jamie Hobbs