teef is a short film to help educate and entertain on the topic of dental hygiene. 
The film follows a young boy as he's shown the correct way to brush his teeth with help from a toothbrush and her trusty sidekick toothpaste. But he has to be careful not to upset his rotten old tooth!
All of the puppets were designed and hand-made to suit a children's tv aesthetic with bright and colourful fleece.


Donor Needed

A short film for Anthony Nolan, depicting the story of stem cells and the importance of finding donors. 
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A short animation created with a background by Charlie Nathan Neville as a response to a collaborative film project that aimed to combine the skill set of our university class.


True Crit

Gameplay footage of True Crit - A Fine Art Critical Assessment Simulator. 
Created with Clare Lewis and Jamie Hobbs